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Downtime may be costing your
organization more than you think.

The first defense against a potential IT disaster is having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. As modern businesses become more and more dependable on virtualization, applications, and cloud technologies, it is important for them to continuously protect their data from unexpected downtime. The need for a business continuity strategy and disaster recovery plan to ensure and maintain uptime, minimize data loss, and maximize productivity is a necessary component of an organization's information technology architecture.

Avoid the costs associated with outages by simplifying and automating your disaster recovery strategy with Cloud Carib. Our team of disaster recovery experts can easily implement, manage, and test your DR strategy and help your organization protect critical data, applications and workloads in the cloud. 

Cloud Carib Disaster Recovery Features:
  • Continuous Data Protection within a Private Cloud, Public Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud Environment 
  • Automated Failover, Fallback, and Orchestration to Recovery Site
  • Aggressive Service Levels, RPO and RTO targets
  • Guaranteed Security, Availability, and Performance
  • Hardware and Hypervisor Agnostic
  • Non-disruptive DR Testing
  • Scalable & Granular VM-level Protection
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Support
  • Recovery Sites located throughout the Caribbean and Latin America

Need help calculating the true costs of downtime for your organization?

Use the calculator on the right to determine how much an outage will
really cost your business. 

Use this downtime calculator to help measure the impact of a potential disaster on your organization.