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How much can you AFFORD… to lose?

If you walked into your office tomorrow and found your on-site back up destroyed by fire or flood what happens next and how long before your business is functional again? Just having a "back up" isn't enough these days especially as weather patterns evolve.  But you say it's all you can afford, but if the backup is IN your office, can you afford to lose your hardware AND ALL your data? That's a single point of failure, leaving zero protection from theft, fire, flood or a major natural disaster.

Studies show that a disappointing 6% of businesses survive a major data loss event. A massive 51% go out of business within a two year period, and 43% of them close their doors immediately. These stats matter since many businesses feel a false sense of protection because they feel they are too small. But when you calculate the downtime, it starts to add up. 

Cloud Carib Disaster Recovery Features:
  • Continuous Data Protection within a Private Cloud, Public Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud Environment 
  • Automated Failover, Fallback, and Orchestration to Recovery Site
  • Aggressive Service Levels, RPO and RTO targets
  • Guaranteed Security, Availability, and Performance
  • Hardware and Hypervisor Agnostic
  • Non-disruptive DR Testing
  • Scalable & Granular VM-level Protection
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Support
  • Recovery Sites located throughout the Caribbean and Latin America