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Protect the value of your data

Sovereign cloud solutions offer continuous privacy protection and support the growth of a nation's digital economy. A sovereign cloud provides data residency and data sovereignty, ensuring compliance even with constantly changing data privacy laws. Partnering with a regional sovereign cloud provider is taking a step towards protecting your most valuable assets, meeting compliance requirements and ensuring true data privacy.

Our Sovereign Cloud helps our clients achieve: 

  • Increased security 
  • Compliance- with constantly changing rules and regulations using a sovereign cloud enables you to adapt with efficiency and speed 
  • Greater innovation and independence 
  • Increased digital data sovereignty 
  • Territorial jurisdiction for critical digital data assets 
  • Overcome the difficulty for governments to impose data privacy and data protection standards outside their jurisdictions 

Gartner's recent report on technology trends identifies sovereign cloud as a key component to creating trust and enabling security and reliability. Gartner identifies this trust as a resilient core and foundation for IT teams to deliver business value. 

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