Confidentiality is one of the founding principles of the legal profession. It’s also one of the most important. Attorneys must guarantee their clients' sensitive files are kept private.  While choosing a data storage solution probably isn’t something they covered in law school, you likely don't need anyone to explain the risks and consequences that could result from a breach of that information.  In this day and age, there are many online data storage options designed to manage client data but choosing the right one can be tricky. Let’s look at why Caribbean data storage can provide a safe, secure, and convenient solution for your firm's confidential data.

1. The Government Dilemma

The US Government’s posture toward personal privacy has changed dramatically since 9/11. The introduction of the Patriot Act set a precedent for wider-scale surveillance and the seizure of files, but that was only the beginning. While we can all respect the US government's desire to protect its citizenry from terrorism, WikiLeaks tells a story of poor file management and government overreach. In this environment, organizations across verticals have an even greater obligation and professional responsibility to their clients to keep their confidential data private.

Opting for a Caribbean-based storage facility means your organization can take advantage of servers that are located outside the reach of the US government. Choosing a provider like Cloud Carib ensures your files aren't mishandled by prying government eyes and as a result, offers a greater level of security. Many jurisdictions within Europe have developed similar laws allowing data surveillance, making countries like the Bahamas with strict data privacy rules even more desirable.

2. Better Value

In 2016, the government of New Zealand received criticism from taxpayers and the Productivity Commission, over their use of domestic cloud providers rather than reaching out to the less expensive Caribbean providers. The Productivity Commission at the time argued that by using an offshore provider the government would be able to incur substantial cost savings without sacrificing quality.  Organizations and governments across the globe are turning to providers in The Caribbean to incur cost savings. Caribbean data storage sites often adhere to different tax laws, allowing them to pass along the cost-saving to their clients. 

3. Added Convenience

Security and convenience are two ideals that are often at odds with each other. For example, strong passwords require length, varied characters, and no obvious pattern. But using them sacrifices convenience because we can't remember them. As a result, security is further sacrificed because most people keep a written record of their passwords somewhere or simply opt for easier to remember and less secure passwords. In contrast,  Caribbean data storage centers actually offer increased security with added convenience.

Cloud-based data can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and your secure login which means that out-of-town hearings or bad weather won't slow down your firm's security operations. Every associate would have access to needed documents within minutes, regardless of their location. Cloud-based storage also affords associates the ability to work from home, which increases productivity and job satisfaction.

Whether your concerns are for clients’ confidentiality, your firm’s security, or your staff’s productivity and work-life balance, offshore data storage can help. Cloud Carib’s servers are beyond the overreach of the government, secure from hackers, and conveniently accessible to all your employees. Simply put, it’s the best data solution out there.

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