Our article “Hurricane Season: Mitigating ICT Risk and Achieving Resilience in the Caribbean" identifies that, with the increasing reliance on ICT by Caribbean governments, “a new set of risks need to be understood and considered when viewing an overarching strategic approach to infrastructure sustainability”. A significant amount of time, effort and dedication is required to develop these comprehensive strategies and policies. As the 2020 hurricane season is already upon us in the Caribbean, short-term measures can still be deployed to achieve resilience and improve capacity for business continuity and recovery. The article goes on to identify a number of key short-term issues that can be addressed and mitigated, namely: 


  • Examine critical ICT environments for vulnerabilities and risk mitigation strategies  
  • Identifying alternative data centres / hosting locations 
  • Housing verified up-to-date backups in highly secure locations in the jurisdiction 
  • Housing verified up-to-date backups in highly secure off-island 
  • Test backups (via restore environment) to verify that the backup has been correctly processed 
  • Determine data sovereignty and privacy risks for off-island storage of critical digital assets 


In this follow-up article we identify how Cloud Carib can help both government and commercial clients improve their short-term ICT resilience for the 2020 hurricane season. 

Hurricane season

Examine critical ICT environments for vulnerabilities and risk mitigation strategies 


Our team of disaster recovery experts works with our clients to understand how much data their organisation can afford to lose, and what recovery objectives make the most sense for their IT environment. In doing so, we can develop a customized disaster recovery plan that ensures business critical applications are always protected.  


Identifying alternative data centres / hosting locations 


Cloud Carib manages its own dedicated cloud computing sites (Caribpods) throughout the Caribbean and Latin America For fast and efficient disaster/recovery strategies organisations are able to seamlessly replicate their own environments into one or more of Cloud Carib Caribpods located away from the disaster situation. 


We can also conduct data centre audits to provide advice on which data centres are of a standard that can be recommended as an alternative disaster/recovery or business continuity locations. 


Housing verified up-to-date backups in highly secure locations in the jurisdiction 


Data privacy requirements may require governments and certain enterprises who retain personal information to maintain this information within the jurisdiction. Cloud Carib can provide solutions and guidance, including establishing a Caribpod (current COVID-19 travel restrictions may impact the delivery of this service), in your jurisdiction to assist in deploying tailored backup and disaster recovery solutions. 


Housing verified up-to-date backups in highly secure off-island location 


Cloud Carib can provide governments in the Caribbean and Latin America with a highly secure innovative back-up solution which can be located in a jurisdiction of their choice. This innovative approach also ensures that data sovereignty and privacy are maintained and that unauthorized access to this information is prevented. 

 Be Prepared, hurricane season

Test backups (via restore environment) to verify that the backup has been correctly processed 


We can seamlessly replicate data to another CaribPod located away from the disaster zone. 

Cloud Carib can establish an automatic failover to the designated business continuity site. 

We can create an individual migration plan and sequence for VMs and automate recovery with just one click. 


Data sovereignty and privacy for off-island storage of critical digital assets. 


Cloud Carib recognises the increasingly critical issues of data sovereignty and data privacy. Cloud Caribs replication sites located throughout the Caribbean & Latin America, including The Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Panama or Ecuador can help eliminate data jurisdiction and compliance concerns by using a regionally based provider. 


We can also provide specific solutions for governments using out-of-jurisdiction facilities owned by the government (e.g. Embassy) in which to securely store critical digital assets.