Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a group of computers networked together over a public network, usually the internet, to connect to a private network. Connecting to a VPN is simple and provides many benefits 

Enhanced Security  

When using a VPN, you log in with credentials and the computer exchanges trusted keys with a remote server. Once the server verifies you as authentic, all communications become encrypted. This encryption mechanism protects your communications from hackers, data theft, and spying governments.  

 Remote Access 

Businesses often leverage VPNs to provide access to network resources when staff is not physically in the office. The advantage is that staff can access their network over a secure encrypted connection, improving productivity and safety.  

 Cost Savings 

A VPN allows your business to connect easily and from anywhere. This can save you costs associated with long-distance phone calls, eliminate the need for expensive long-distance leased lines, and offloads support costs Using a VPN is just another tool in your business toolbox to protect your companies’ privacy and security 

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