Every organization knows backing up their data is extremely important. However, we still hear about companies losing their data and facing serious consequences. How do these companies lose all their data when they have a backup in place? The problem is different backup tools vary in reliability and often the best solutions involve using multiple backup options. We’ve provided some of the most common backup errors your firm may be committing.  

Human Error  

According to the 2015 Databarracks Data Health Check survey, the number one cause of data loss is human error. Staff may forget to start the backup before they leave for the night or one of your staff left the backup tapes in their car that was stolen. To mitigate human error ensure your staff receive regular training and introduce checks and balances that will aid in minimizing error 


Backup Copy Isn’t Tested 

In the Databarracks study, they found the third most common reason for data loss was data corruption. If you’re not checking your backup regularly, you may reach to the backup in an emergency and find the data is corrupt. You need to ensure backups work for you when you need them.  


Not Having the Encryption Password 

Some organizations have issues accessing their backup because they realize they don’t have the encryption password for the backup. They may have lost the password or the individual who had the password has since left the organization.  


Not Backing up All Files 

Backups can take a long time, to speed things up, organizations often backup only the most important information. The problem is, people may have differing opinions on what data is important and data once thought to be irrelevant may at some point become important due to circumstances.  This may also have legal implications if your organization must comply with an industry standard for data retention. 


Only One Backup Copy 

Yes, you’ve got a backup but you only have one. Your backup could be easily destroyed if you had a fire, flood, or if a theft occurred. In the Databarracks study, the second most common reason for data loss was hardware failure. Having more than one backup copy helps ensure that if your hardware fails or is destroyed your firm still has the data.  


The only real solution to keeping your data safe is having multiple backup solutions or trusting a managed service provider to maintain your backup for you. Using a managed service provider that offers disaster recovery and backup is the best option to ensure your data is safe and there when you need it.  


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