Every company should have a disaster recovery strategy including a yearly test run. If you aren’t testing your procedures, odds are a critical fault may be missed. In the event of a true disaster, a flawed DR plan could increase downtime exponentially. Cloud backup simplifies your DR plan, and lowers the cost while increasing the security. Following are some of the benefits associated with cloud backup and recovery.


Automated backup & restore

If you’re one of the many organizations still using tape backup, cloud disaster recovery would be a revolution. No tapes to buy, change, store and then recall in the event of an emergency. All backups can be set on auto-pilot to the cloud provider’s servers, and the data can be restored quickly and securely at any time.

Lower cost

Tape backup plans are costly. There’s the tape purchase, recording equipment, secure tape storage and administration of the system. Digital backup systems eliminate a lot of those extraneous parts, but the equipment is costly and needs maintenance as well. With a cloud backup strategy, the cloud provider manages and maintains the equipment, eliminating even more expense and hassle.

Increased security

Security is infinitely better with a cloud recovery system. All data can be encrypted prior to transfer, and stored securely on the cloud provider’s off-site server. In the event of the worst natural disasters, data is maintained safe and sound at the remote location. As the data owner you can hold the only encryption key. There are no tapes to get lost or stolen.

Whether you are running a DR drill to test practices, or whether your company finds itself the unfortunate victim of a major disaster — cloud disaster recovery and backup keeps your data secure, offsite and able to be recalled at a moment’s notice. Less equipment and management responsibility allows your staff to get back to other duties, and takes advantage of the cloud providers expertise. If you are interested in looking into Cloud Disaster Recovery, you can speak with one of our agents by contacting us.

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