Relying on a cloud provider to keep your data safe and secure saves your business time, money, and a lot of work. Keeping your data safe, however, is one of your most critical tasks. In the past 17 years, data breach costs have skyrocketed. Huge brands like Neiman Marcus and Volkswagen were among a long list of companies to experience data breaches that cost them millions in 2021.  For a small or mid-size business, such a breach could be catastrophic.

Here are three critical mistakes you have to avoid when setting your cloud security plans into motion:

1. Keeping a Narrow Focus

Cloud security has to be a living, breathing, and constantly evolving process. Cybercriminals and hackers are always finding new methods to breach systems, so taking the time to build processes and systems that are flexible and effective is key. Both your company and your cloud provider should be vigilant and always learn to stay a step ahead. This will require that you go beyond simple compliance. Complying with certain standards will stop you from being fined, but that's just the bare minimum. Protecting your customers and your business adequately requires going a step further.

2. Relying on Basic Passwords Alone

In the new era of access management, passwords are a relic. Using only basic password protection is like using a cheap lock; it's only going to deter the simplest criminals. Protecting your information from more sophisticated hackers takes a bit more.

Here are some best practices for password protection:

  • Require passwords that are complex using at least eight characters, and include a mixture of numbers, letters, and special symbols.
  • Force passwords to reset once per month.
  • Utilize security tactics in addition to passwords, such as authentication tokens.

3. Choosing the Wrong Cloud Service Provider

Choosing a cloud service provider is one of the biggest decisions you make with regard to your data's security. It should not be taken lightly or just handed off to the lowest bidder. Take the time to investigate your partner thoroughly, looking into how, and where they store data, and what safeguards they utilize.  

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