cloud computing CEO benefits

If you're the leading executive in your organization, you probably have staff in charge of making decisions for their own departments or areas of speciality. For example, technology decisions are likely delegated to your chief technology officer or an equivalent manager, with your review when needed. Though it's nice to be able to draw on the expertise of others, you should be well versed in how their decisions may affect your company's productivity, reputation and bottom line. 

You've probably heard about cloud computing from your IT department recently because it's one of the most popular technological trends. In fact, 'The 2017 State of the Cloud Survey' found that 95% of respondents in their study are now using cloud, the study also found that companies now run 79% of workloads in the cloud, with 41% of workloads in public cloud and 38% in private cloud. 

As a CEO there are some benefits that may be particularly important to you, we've included them below. 

Cloud Computing Provides Stronger Analytics

The cloud simplifies advanced analytics. You don't need to maintain a large physical infrastructure to collect and store large amounts of data. Managing everything in a single location makes it easier to collect and review.

The benefits of analytics cannot be overstated. They provide customer insights, greater information about your own organization, and a strong foundation for your marketing strategies. Online retailer, DirectBuy,  implemented a digital transformation strategy that involved the implementation of a private cloud and other technologies. Through these initiatives they were able to leverage customer insight analytics to compete with Amazon and other major ecommerce businesses. Having a strong understanding of your customer data analytics provides your organization a competitive advantage. 

Reduced Costs through Cloud Computing

Cloud computing significantly reduces technology costs. Moving to the cloud means you no longer need to invest in a physical infrastructure. Not only that, you can outsource your IT needs and only pay someone when you actually need help. Utilizing a managed cloud service provider makes the overhead cost of data management decrease. Instead of the company's IT team having to focus on daily infrastructure management, IT staff can focus on operations without having to worry about updates and constant back-ups. Your IT staff can move their attention to innovation and tasks that further the organization. 

Cloud Computing Improves Security

Security is a major concern for any organization, especially those dealing with sensitive customer information, such as financial or health information. Working with a strong cloud services provider increases your security as they will be able to offer solutions that your organization may not specialize in or have the capacity to provide, such as encrypting data as it's collected and stored, employing access management, managing firewalls, regular patching and updates and implementing new security technologies. We've written an entire article on the security benefits of the cloud and leveraging a managed service provider to achieve a secure network , to learn more check out our article


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