Law firms today rely on their data almost as much as their legal expertise. With technology so integral to the management of cases, law firms need to make sure their data is protected from would-be thieves and stored in a location safe from government intervention.

One of the growing trends in data centers is using cloud service providers based in the Caribbean. Due to their location, these providers have a number of advantages over their competitors in the United States and Europe that may appeal to law firms. Let’s look at three of the top reasons.

1. Security from Government Meddling

The Caribbean has become a prime location for data storage, primarily because of its detachment from the United States government. There exists a reasonable fear among firms that if data is stored in the United States, government entities could access it without recourse.

By storing information in a data center in the Bahamas, law firms can reduce the likelihood that the government will steal or tamper with valuable case information. The Bahamas leads the Caribbean region in setting the legal framework for how data can be accessed and used. 

The Bahamas follows the Data Protection Act, which is largely based on the OECD’s Privacy Guidelines and provides data protection rights, making the islands an excellent place for law firms, banks, and even foreign governments to store information.

2. Protection from Hackers

There is a common misconception that hackers may not be interested in case information, but is simply not true. Hackers want all the information they can get. That information can be sold on the black market for a profit or held hostage until the law firm pays for its return. While this may seem unlikely, it is becoming a regular occurrence. This is the reason so many law firms work closely with cloud security specialists to keep hackers away from their sensitive information. 


3. A Strong Case for Disaster Recovery

The primary goal of disaster recovery is to have data stored in a location far away from other sets of data. That way, if a disaster hits—such as a natural or manmade disaster—it’s highly unlikely both facilities will be affected at the same time. Based on its remote location, the Caribbean is a phenomenal place to use for disaster recovery. This location helps give law firms assurance that if something does go wrong, their data will remain safe.

The Caribbean has grown in recent years as a top location for law firms and other organizations with sensitive data to store their information. There are cloud service providers all over the world, but only the ones in the Caribbean can offer protection from intrusive governments, security from hackers, and a safe location far from other facilities in case disaster strikes.

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