Government Agencies migrate to the CloudWith the growing dependence on online systems and data management, it's no wonder that government agencies are moving to cloud computing. It increases efficiency, lowers the burden on the agency's IT department, increases flexibility, and reduces overhead costs. But there are more benefits that you may not have considered. Here are seven reasons that government agencies should move to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

All businesses, but especially government agencies, should be prepared for a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Putting your infrastructure in the cloud makes disaster recovery easier and far more affordable than replacing servers and paying IT overtime to get things up and running again.

Increased Collaboration

One of the top benefits of cloud computing is the level of collaboration it allows. Multiple people can work on shared documents, even if they're in different offices. Cloud services streamline workflow and make file sharing easier and safer than ever before.

Remote Accessibility

When working in the cloud, documents can be retrieved from anywhere there's internet service. So when managers are out of the office, they can still collaborate on projects and access the documents and data they need to effectively run the agency while out of town.


Cloud computing gives government agencies a level of security that isn't available with in-house IT systems. When a laptop is lost or a computer crashes, the information is either lost or at risk. But with cloud computing, these documents are not saved on the device, so security is not at risk when these things happen.


Cloud computing technology is growing quickly and adding a competitive edge to businesses around the world. To stay competitive, government agencies must stay on top of innovative technologies and the cloud can help them accomplish that.


Many businesses, including government agencies, start thinking about moving to the cloud to help reduce costs. Cloud computing allows agencies to expand without having to add servers, hardware, and the costs associated with them. Cloud computing also saves money within the IT department because there is no longer a need for constant maintenance, back ups, and updates -- they're performed automatically through the cloud service provider.


Another reason the cloud is a good option for government agencies is because it's environmentally friendly. The servers that cloud computing providers use are much more efficient than in-house servers, requiring fewer machines for the same amount of storage and computing power. Cloud service providers also utilize climate control layouts that reduce energy costs and consume fewer resources than their traditional counterparts.

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