What Is the Cloud and Why Does a Small Business Need It Where’d the Data GoCloud Computing has become the go-to IT Solution for some of the world's biggest companies from Apple to Xerox, to Netflix; but is it the right fit for your business? Taking advantage of cloud services can increase the potential for future growth, reduce expenses, increase ease of use for IT infrastructure, and so much more. The benefits of cloud computing are not limited to the technology sector either. Any kind and size of business, even the smallest, can benefit from a tailored cloud solution. Some of the key benefits cloud computing provides will be explored below, but first, let’s cover a few of the basics.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Put simply, cloud computing, allows devices of all kinds to easily access and make use of remote data servers and high-power computing capabilities through the internet. By partially, or fully, outsourcing the need for secure in-house data centers and expensive computing setups, businesses in all industries can save themselves money and time while freeing up resources to invest in building, maintaining, and upgrading their IT infrastructure. These services, and the infrastructure they provide access to, can then be simply and seamlessly upgraded as the business grows.

Where Does Cloud Data Go?

One of the biggest concerns that may come up when learning about cloud technology is the security of the data, which is particularly important for any business. Cloud data and infrastructure are stored remotely, either in-house, abroad, or some mix of the two. Naturally, the integrity and safety of this storage are crucial components in ensuring the viability of cloud technology. Though some businesses have preferred to spend on in-house infrastructure and security maintenance and internalize those expenses, more and more are starting to transition, at least partially, to offshore solutions like Cloud Carib. Cloud Carib’s cloud services are protected by a cutting-edge security framework that ensures the security of your data. In addition, Cloud Carib’s location, the Bahamas, is famous for its strong data protection legislation, which means that your data will be not only secure but also surveillance-free.

What Can Cloud Services Do For Your Business?

Secure and Efficient Scalable Data Storage

Whatever your data storage needs are, your business can likely save money by taking advantage of a cloud data center. This may mean having access to the potential for as-needed storage scalability without the large associated costs of in-house expansion or simply the peace of mind of knowing that your data is secure without hiring dedicated experts.

Access to Powerful, Efficient, Rapidly Scalable Infrastructure

The possibility of accessing your business’s necessary applications from a cloud lessens or removes the need for frequent maintenance and upgrades for in-house infrastructure. This solution is cost and time-efficient and allows your team to focus their attention elsewhere. Like cloud data storage, cloud infrastructure is rapidly and easily scalable, so as the IT needs of your business grow, so can your cloud infrastructure. The IT growth and development that once required time, immense effort, and huge expenses, can now be accomplished simply and rapidly by accessing additional resources through the cloud.

Safety Through Backups and Archives

A single in-house IT site is at risk of disruption, or destruction, from natural disasters and technical failure. Though a second IT site is an option, a cloud solution provides more safety for less cost. An offshore cloud will be entirely unaffected by any in-house technical issues or local natural disasters, and your business will be able to continue functioning. As mentioned above, this safety will also continue to scale easily and cost-effectively with your business, in a way that a backup physical IT site will not.

Dynamic Adaptation to Unpredictable Resource Requirements

Businesses have unpredictable needs. Planning the development of IT infrastructure for stable growth is difficult enough, but what if demand spikes unexpectedly? Cloud solutions allow businesses to scale up their resources almost instantaneously to account for unexpected changes, preventing slowness and downtime. Similarly, a halving of demand will leave in-house infrastructure unused and effectively wasted. By taking advantage of the cloud, these unused resources can be removed, saving you money.

If you are interested in exploring cloud services as a possible solution for your small business or have any questions, consider Cloud Carib. Located in Nassau, Bahamas, Cloud Carib is a world-leading Cloud Service Provider and a specialist in cutting-edge cloud technology. Call (800) 390-2806 to speak to a cloud specialist and take the first step into the future of IT.

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