3 Ways Financial Companies Can Benefit from Caribbean Cloud Datacenters.jpgThe financial sector remains a high priority target for nefarious cyber actors seeking to exploit these targets for monetary gain. Cyber criminals have continually demonstrated the capability to exploit this sector through innovative and persistent methods. The recent exploitation of several banks’ SWIFT transfer systems, as well as leveraging botnets, are just two methods where criminals have successfully circumvented traditional security defenses. Increased customer use of mobile technologies for financial transactions only increases the threats financial services face in the future. Any potential compromises in financial transaction process risks undermining customer confidence.

When it comes to securing important data and information resources, organizations may suffer from the inability to properly implement the right technological and security solutions to meet their needs. What’s more, they may find it difficult to meet regulatory and/or compliance measures as set forth by their industry. Cloud services provide an immediate solution to such challenges and provide three ways in which financial companies can benefit from their offerings.

  1. Secure Important Data. The current cyber security climate is one in which sophisticated hackers target organizations at whim, often successfully exploiting them for huge financial profit. Cloud services such as the ones provided by Cloud Carib offer a variety of security services that can be tailored to suit a specific company’s needs. The benefit of storing critical data in a cloud-based data center is that it provides the customer all the resources needed to build and manage a secure or hybrid cloud environment without the expense of running and maintaining the infrastructure.

  2. Tailor the Cloud to Your Organization. Financial companies have unique technology needs that support their business operations. As such, cloud offerings can be tailored to meet the technological requirements of any organization. Whether it be a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, financial companies can determine which solution is best positioned to enhance their organization's day-to-day operations, while providing them the flexibility to be able to leverage a different solution should the business change.

  3. Preserve Continuity of Operations. Today’s cyber environment has shown that not all actors are looking to steal data; some are content to destroy it, manipulate it, or hold it for ransom. It is imperative that data critical to maintaining business operations be not only protected, but recoverable in case of an emergency. Cloud solutions provide the ability to not only access but recover data lost to natural disasters, hostile actor malfeasance, or technological shortcomings.

Today’s companies rely on information and maintaining the integrity of that information to conduct business worldwide. The financial sector bears this responsibility as well as ensuring that the very processes on which this information passes maintain its confidentiality and availability. In the unpredictability that is cyberspace, having reliable and customizable cloud-based solutions is the best way to keep resilient against dynamic threats.

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