disaster recovery strategiesBy choosing a disaster recovery service provider, you are not only protecting your data, but you're also optimizing your capital. With decreased costs, an increased focus on portfolio quality, and lower IT costs, disaster recovery has never been easier.

Here are four strategies to utilize when maintaining the safety of your financial data.

1. Risk Consideration

One of the key strategies to consider in relation to disaster recovery is the evaluation of different varieties of risk and the best methods to prepare for them. Has your system crashed before? Has it been hacked? Make sure you are prepared for every possible­—and even probable—scenario, and develop a plan for each one.

2. Automation

By automating your security and privacy systems, you can help to eliminate human error and ensure what needs to be done, actually gets done, without errors on the part of employees.

Automating the process through disaster recovery guarantees you consistent updates and back-ups and won't leave you wondering what you've lost, should disaster strike.

3. Repetition and Availability

Having a disaster recovery plan is necessary, but it must be more than a file on your computer. Have physical copies of the plan throughout the office and make sure all members of the management team know where to find it.

Go over the plan regularly to ensure it's up to date and that team members know how to execute it. Have regular simulations to cement the plans and minimize employee panic in the event of a disaster.

4. Communication

One of the most important strategies in disaster recovery is maintaining an open line of communication; these lines should extend between team members, from teams to management, and from management to your disaster recovery provider.

Make sure you know who to call and what to do if you can't reach that person. In case you're unavailable, make sure to have an alternate person who knows what to do. Knowing who has what role and responsibility allows disaster recovery to proceed smoothly and quickly.

Financial firms are obligated to prepare regularly and thoroughly for disaster because you owe to your team and your customers. By implementing these strategies, your firm's recovery plan will be foolproof and ready to go when you need it.

Are You Looking for a Disaster Recovery Service Provider?

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